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Victory at the London International Guitar Competition

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Emmanuel Sowicz won First Prize at the London International Guitar Competition, organised by the International Guitar Foundation (IGF).

The final round took place on 27th October 2018 at Kings Place, London. The Chair of the Jury, the composer George Odam, said the jury’s decision was unanimous in its decision.

The Prize includes £3,000GBP, concerts engagements at the International Guitar Foundation's Festivals during 2019, and becoming a EuroString Artist to participate in concerts organised by the EuroStrings Festivals Collaborative 2019 (invitations to more than 8 guitar festivals across Europe).

More info:

From left: Joe Cutler (Jury - Composer), Michael Lewin (Jury - Head of Guitar, Royal Academy of Music), Stephen Goss (Jury - Director of the International Guitar Research Centre), Carlo Curatolo (3rd Prize), Simone Rinaldo (2nd Prize), Emmanuel Sowicz (1st Prize), Chris Stell (Jury - Guitarist), and George Odam (Jury Chairman - Composer)

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